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The world’s knowledge in your hands

Key Features


SimMAGIC SpeechHub is the best choice for you to create a unique speech sharing platform that allows users to access videos and documents of specific topics from the platform and watch it on various smart devices, such as the Windows, iOS, Android phone and tablets.


Administrators can set custom categories and sort out content, customizing the platform to fulfill its own needs. SimMAGIC SpeechHub is especially applicable for schools and teaching institutions, since speeches are usually educational. The organized videos would create a perfect online archive for the storage of knowledge, making speechHub not just an ordinary speech sharing platform.


Key Features

1.    Share the videos, eBooks and documents of speeches all at the same time.

2.    Support varioussmart devices, such as the Windows, iOS, Android phone and tablet.

3.    Complete viewing functions, including offline reading and add to favorites for the better reading experience.

4.    System can provide statistical analysis of current using status and export EXCEL format reports, to help the administrator better understand the users.

5.    Customized authorization setting, set viewing restrictions on any document.

6.    Online management platform makes contentmanaging easier.


Complete Speech Experience

1.    Leading the industry as the only system that supports video viewing, eBook reading and document loading all at the same time.

2.    Splendid learning experience through the access to videos and eBook content.


System Requirements


1. CPU: INTEL Xeon 3.2GHz CPU or faster

2. RAM: 4GB or more

3. HD: 500G or more

4. Internet Card: 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet



1. OS: Microsoft WindowsServer 2003 or above

2. Platform Environment: Microsoft .NET Framework3.5 or above

3. Platform Website Tool: IIS 5.0/IIS 6.0

4. Database: SQLServer 2005 or above

5. Browser: IE6.0 or above

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