SimMAGIC SellingHub--- Assistant Sales Management System

  • Made in:Taiwan
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Selling at ease.

Key Features


Developedunder the company’s increasing needs for mobile selling. SellingHub enables companies to convert current paper DM into eBook format, digitalizing the traditional promoting documents.


Furthermore,SellingHub includes an online platform that can store produced eCatalogs and provide document download from various smart devices, such as Windows, iOS, Android phones and tablets, to allow direct access for the front end selling personnel.The front end personnel can download the product catalog at anytime, anywhere into its tablet, providing immediate service for clients and customers.


This concept can be broadly applied to companies that rely heavily on face to face selling,especially the financial, insurance and the publishing business, the mobility and convenience of SellingHub is obviously seen.


Key Features

1.    Automatic conversion from traditional documents, such as PDF and PPT, into eBook formats.

2.    Provide app notification mechanism, notifying the user whenever new content or updates are available.

3.    System can provide statistical analysis of current using status and export EXCEL format reports, to help the administrator to better understand the users.

4.    Supports various smart devices such as the Windows, iOS, Android phone and tablet.

5.    Customized authorization setting, set viewing restrictions on any document.

6.    eBook management platform makes content managing easier.

7.    Immediate update, disregarding time zones and locations.


Application Benefits

For the company

1.    Efficiently manage product catalogs through the online management platform.

2.    Improve promotion of company image.

3.    Improve company’s competitiveness.

4.    Reduce traditional DM printing costs.

5.    Immediate update throughout the world,beneficial for global companies.


For employees

1.    Selling becomes more convenient, marketing and promoting everywhere.

2.    Contents of products can be provided completely.

3.    Easily satisfy different needs of different customers.



1.    Save the time of browsing and searching products.

2.    Product catalogs are completely open for customers to see, preventing any business conflicts.

3.    Satisfy customized needs.


System Requirements


1. CPU: INTEL Xeon 3.2GHz CPU or faster

2. RAM: 4GB or more

3. HD: 500G or more

4. Internet Card: 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet



1. OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or above

2. Platform Environment: Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or above

3. Platform Website Tool: IIS 5.0/IIS 6.0

4. Database: SQL Server 2005 or above

5. Browser: IE6.0 or above

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