SimMAGIC MeetingHub--- Cross Platform Paperless Conference Software (Suitable for all industries with conference need)-iOS: 100 User License

  • Model No.:iOS- 100
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Best Paperless Conference Solution

Key Features


SimMAGIC MeetingHub Cross-Platform Paperless Conference System provides an all-aspect online meeting management mechanism, which allows the conference moderator to edit conference time, information and attendees. Participants can upload meeting related documents (PDF, PPT, Word and various formats) and download it through the cloud platform by various smart devices.


Throughout the conference process, the speaker can synchronize screens of all participants to show the same progress as the speaker. Ensuring all participants are on the same page and improving overall conference efficiency.


MeetingHub also allows participants to add footnotes and comments directly on the meeting related documents. Besides saving the footnotes for later reading, participants can also choose to share them with others.Creating a more flexible and interactive conference method, that revolutionizes the traditional conference process. MeetingHub not only improves your conference efficiency, but also decreases the waste on paper resource, creating a more Eco-friendly environment.  


Key Features

1. E-mail notification can be sent automatically to conference participants and supports Microsoft Exchange notification, which enables participants to add conferences to schedules easily.


2. Upload and download meeting related documents through various smart devices.

3. Online automatic conversion of different document formats into eBook format.

4. Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android phones and tablets.


5.Synchronize progress on every device to show the speaker’s screen, notes and every procedure, never missing any detail.


6. Useful conference tools allow users to directly take notes on documents and share them with others.


7. Audio and video connection enables participants to join conference anywhere and anytime.

8. Authorization settings, set viewing restrictions on any document.


9. Accessible statistical analysis provides administrators with abundant information of conference status.

Progress Synchronization

Demonstration Video

1.     Automatically show the same page as the speaker, but also allows users to browse and jump to different pages.

2.     Directly show the footnotes and comments taken by the speaker.

3.     Enlarging and reducing showing content, without missing any detail.

4.     The speaker’s authorization can be transferred at any time, showing different participant’s screen.

Power Clients

The support of various main government institutions reflects the high quality of our product. Our clients include:

1.     The Executive Yuan: The Executive Branch of the Taiwanese Government

2.     The Supervision Yuan: The Supervision Branch of the Taiwanese Government

3.     The Legislative Yuan: The Legislative Branch of the Taiwanese Government

4.     The Judicial Yuan: The Judicial Branch of the Taiwanese Government

Although the certification of these reputable clients means that we have the solution to fulfill current market needs, we are also aware that the market changes rapidly, therefore we tend to constantly improve and upgrade our product functions to meet the ever changing conference needs of every industry. That is why we are certain that MeetingHub can definitely benefit your organization, if you are willing to give it a try.

System Requirements


1. CPU: INTEL Xeon 3.2GHz CPU or faster

2. RAM: 4GB or more

3. HD: 500G or more

4. Internet Card: 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet



1. OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or above

2. Platform Environment: Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or above

3. Platform Website Tool: IIS 5.0/IIS 6.0

4. Database: SQL Server 2005 or above

5. Browser: IE6.0 or above

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