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  • Made in:Taiwan
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Once in a lifetime eBook experience

Key Features


SimMAGIC eBook is a cross-platform eBook authoring tool that enables users to edit and produce interactive eBooks that can be read by various mobile devices such as the Windows,iOS, Android phone and tablet.

Its interface is simple and easy to learn, requiring no pre-skills at all, suitable for any person to pick up. With a hand full of interactive functions, such as the fill in the blank, multiple choice, moving in sequence, picture matching, pop-up information, sticker mask, wiping object, dynamic image and image rotate, users can easily create an unique eBook that stands out the crowd.


Besides the powerful interactive functions, SimMAGIC eBook also supports the import of various multi-media formats. Users would only need to prepare the materials needed to produce the eBook, and hand all the rest to our powerful authoring tool. From the beginning, we support the import of PDF and PPT documents, the imported documents would be instantly converted into eBook format, ready for further editing.Furthermore, throughout the editing procedure users can import multi-media formats, such as videos, audios and pictures, formats that would surely fulfill all the needs of users, making eBook authoring quick and simple.


Finished eBooks can be exported into ePub, Windows Device, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet devices. SimMAGIC eBook provides over 50 reading functions with a well-designed user interface, making reading a pleasant user experience.Choosing SimMAGIC eBook to be your eBook authoring tool would definitely be the best choice of your life!


Demo Video

Key Features

1. Simple and easy user interface, no pre-skills required to start editing.

2. Easily and quickly create an e-Book by importing documents in PDF, PPT format.

3. Edit once and export to various devices such as Windows, iOS and Android phones and tablets.

4. Support multimedia files as described below.

5. The system allows users to input interactive functions such as fill in the blank, multiple choice, moving in sequence, picture matching, pop-up information, sticker mask, wiping object, dynamic image and image rotate to create the one and only eBook.

6. The comprehensive statistical analysis helps users to keep track of a reader’s learning process. The system will keep grades and records of the learning activities. To help the users gain a better understanding of readers.


Support Multi-Media Format

Audio: WMA,WAV, MP3

Graphic: BMP,GIF, JPG, PNG



Document: PPT,PDF


BroadRange of Applications

SimMAGIC eBook can be broadly applied to various industries: such as the education, semiconductor, manufacture,hi-tech, military, biotech and retail industry. Different industries have different ways of applying the use of eBooks. For example in industries that require selling, the need for eBrochures and eCatalogues can be fulfilled by the SimMAGIC eBook, perfectly demonstrating the broad range of eBook applications. 


Demo Video

Extension Applications

The SimMAGICeBook includes various extension applications:


1.    Kinect Motion Sensing Suite: Change the page, click buttons and interact with eBooks using the integration technology of SimMAGIC eBook and the Kinect Motion Sensor. Read with your body to enhance learning fun.

2.    eBook Management Platform:An online eBook management platform for you to conveniently store and manage your eBooks. Including analysis tools to track downloading and reading status to better understand your readers.


System Requirements


1. CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz/ PentiumM 1.0 GHzAthlon1.2 GHz or faster

2. RAM: 2GB or more

3. HD: 2GB available free space for installation



1. OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or above

2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above

3. Microsoft Silverlight 5 or above

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