SimMAGIC Designer--- Comprehensive Simulation Training and eLearning System-Enterprise License

  • Model No.:Enterprise
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Significantly lower training costs

Key Features


SimMAGIC Designer is a set of training solutions that can effectively assist the traditional mentor training, while addressing the one-way learning bottleneck. It provides instructors, course designers and learners with anew teaching and learning experience. 

SimMAGIC offers a variety of functions that can be applied to a large number of education and training scenarios for equipment and machine operation. Using SimMAGIC’s fast and easy-to-use functions, trainers and instructors can easily define SOP workflow with a customized user interface based on various kinds of machine keyboards and layouts and transform training materials into a virtual reality environment that simulates actual machine operation.



SimMAGIC can help educators to quickly create interactive digital courses and overcome the time, space and personnel constraints encountered in the traditional learning model. It uses a picture of the real machine or operating environment to create the course interface and incorporates multimedia audiovisual materials and flexible programming-based functions like touch screen, mouse and keyboard text input to enhance interactive learning.


1.     Easily edit and manage content and teaching materials.

2.     Flexible and interactive editing functions can simulate all kinds of scenarios.

3.     Use the Player to record audio files without switching platforms.

4.     Import PowerPoint slides and use existing training materials.

Supported File Formats

Audio: WMA, WAV, MP3

Graphic: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG



Document: PPT, PDF




1. CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz/ Pentium M 1.0 GHzAthlon 1.2 GHz or faster

2. RAM: 2GB or more

3. HD: 2GB available free space for installation



1. OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or above

2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above

3. Microsoft Silverlight 5 or above

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