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SimMAGIC MeetingHub Android- 100

Introduction SimMAGIC MeetingHub Cross-Platform Paperless Conference System provides an all-aspect online meeting management mechanism, which allows the conference moderator to edit conference time, information and attendees. Participants can upload meeting re

Science Teaching Aid , SimMAGIC Designer

Introduction SimMAGIC Designer is a set of training solutions that can effectively assist the traditional mentor training, while addressing the one-way learning bottleneck. It provides instructors, course designers and learners with anew teaching and learning experience.  SimMAGIC o

SimMAGIC CLibrary--- Online eBook Management Platform

Introduction CLibrary is an online eBook management platform that allows administrators to upload and sort eBooks into customized categories,making eBook sharing quick and simple. Content uploaded to the platform can be downloaded and read on various smart devices including the Windows, iOS,Andro

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Our company have the integrated innovative technical service team members that committed to innovative application of information technology research and development. We have had the rapid growth on the accumulations of the patents from native and foreign countries and also had great achievements to increase the competitiveness of the enterprises with the innovative technologies. Our clients include the governments, private enterprises and the educational organizations.